The worst copywriting advice for new freelancers (a rant)

freelancing basics Feb 18, 2021

I'm just going to come out and say it. There is a lot of bad advice being given on how to start as a copywriter and get clients.
Just take a look at the stuff I see on a daily basis online: 

A great question gets asked like this: 


Then, of a sudden, these BAD tips start flooding in:

Seriously? The worst thing you can do is follow  passive tips like these:
  • Set up a profile on a freelance bidding site like Fiverr.
  • Publish great copy and clients will find you (worst advice ever)
  • Volunteer at a non-profit to gain writing experience and build a portfolio + testimonials
  • Network to find clients (what does that even mean?)

Guys, if you have the time and money to write for free and wait for clients to miraculously find you, more power to you.

But most people (including me) started out with NO experience, NO connections, and NO web presence.
The only way to break into this field, start making a livable wage, and get clients is to take ACTION:
  • Choose a niche that's in demand.
  • Create writing samples instead of waiting for someone else to publish you.
  • Get on LinkedIn and start reaching out to your ideal clients (email may work better for your niche but don't sleep on LinkedIn).
  • Most importantly, charge what you’re worth (not per word), there’s a free guide published by AWAI that gives you industry standard pricing guidelines.
But please stop waiting for clients to "find you." This isn't realistic, scalable, or a way to earn a living as a copywriter.

Ah, felt good to get that out.
You're more than capable. You got this!

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