How to search LinkedIn for freelance writing opportunities

getting clients linkedin video tutorials Aug 16, 2021

You must understand who your ideal clients are before you start cold pitching. In order to create a personalized message that warrants a response, you have to understand their goals and what they want.

The better you understand the job and goals of the person hiring you, the higher likelihood you have of getting their attention. 

Every content marketing/publishing organization is different. It’s hard to know exactly what title to target since they vary from company to company.

My suggestion is to reach out to several different people and see where your sweet spot is. Sometimes, the CMO won’t answer but will pass you on to a director or manager, and you can set the meeting that way.

If you're targeting solopreneurs or small business owners, you'll most likely be looking for owners, founders, or CEOs. 

Read these instructions along with the video for more clarity:

  1. Build a list of ideal companies using google.

I started by googling b2b tech startups and I used lists compiled in articles and on sites like Angellist that cover startup companies.

Find websites that compile lists of companies.

  1. Search within the company using LinkedIn

Type company name into search bar >

Use filters to find the correct title and send them connection requests

People >

Select ‘marketing’ for the ‘what they do filter’ 


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