Am I a Content Writer or a Copywriter?

Feb 17, 2021


Content writer and a copywriter? Wondering what the difference is and which title you should choose?

One of the most important differences? Money. 

In this post, I'll explain the differences between a copywriter and a content writer (hint: they overlap). But most importantly, I'll explain why you should refer to yourself as a copywriter.

You are whatever you call yourself.

During my time as a salesperson, I began working with a job counselor on my resume, trying to transition to a client-oriented role rather than one that focused on cold calling. 


When she told me to change my title to “account manager” instead of “sales rep,” I immediately protested, “But that’s not my actual title.” 


To which she responded, “You are whatever you call yourself.” 


I learned that day that whether it's job hunting or marketing, how you position yourself will determine your results.


That’s why I positioned myself as a copywriter right from the start, even though I only started writing blogs. 


If all I tried to do for the rest of my career was write informative blogs and articles, I would obviously call myself a content writer. 


However, I had every intention to use my unique work experience to write persuasive copy for my clients, which is copywriting.


In other industries, using titles intentionally is common. Salespeople will give themselves titles like “Business Development Manager” so that prospects won’t get spooked by the word “sales” in their title. 


In reality, there’s almost no difference between what a "business development rep" and a sales rep do.


As always, I never suggest lying about your writing experience. Dishonesty will always backfire.


But here’s the thing: Hubspot found that B2B marketers think of blogging as more time- and cost-effective than other, more persuasive lead generation methods like paid ads. 


So when you blog, you are technically driving leads which result in sales.


Do you see why the whole “copywriter” “content writer” subject gets murky?


Don’t overthink it. At the end of the day, no one will say to you, “Hey, I only see blog posts in your portfolio! You’re not a real copywriter!” It just doesn’t work like that.


You’re more than capable. You got this!

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